B&B, Seminars, Holiday residency

Prices & Booking

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Gîte option
  Full week 2 000 €
2 400 € 2 800 €
  Seminar week
1 920 € 2 200 €
2 400 €
  1 200 €  
1 300 € 1 400 €
B&B option
Night for 1 ou 2 people* 
100 € 110 € 120 €
For practical reasons, availability consultation is from the website ABRITEL (free of charge).

Clik on the following link :
* For the room "Lou Pijounié", the price for each extra guest is 25€.
For stay with several rooms or nights, please contact us.
Baby bed available for 10€ for the whole stay.

2017 periods :
Low season : nights from Jan-1st to Mar-24th & nights from Sept-23rd to Dec-22nd.
Medium season : nights from Mar-24th to Jun-30th & nights from Aug-26th to Sept-22nd.
High season : nights from Jul-1st to Aug-25th & nights from Dec-23rd to Dec-31st.

2018 periods :

Low season : nights from Jan-2nd to Mar-30th & nights from Sept-29th to Dec-21st.
Medium season : nights from Mar-31st to Jun-29th & nights from Sept-1st to Sept-29th.
High season : nights from Jun-30th to Aug-31st & nights from Dec-22nd to Jan-1st 2019.

Details of the various services offered 
> Gîte Option 
Full week, from Saturday at 4:00 p.m. to the following Saturday at 10:00, "La Grangette" is reserved for you. 
> B&B Option  
Possible to book the day rooms individually (4 rooms for 2 people + 1 room up to 6 people). Availability of the chamber 4 p.m. to 10:00 a.m. the following day. 
(Kitchen and reception rooms facilities are available under conditions. To organize a family or friendly party, please contact us.) 
Breakfast for 2 persons per room included (€ 25 per additional person). 
Breakfast includes bread, homemade jam, region honey, fruit & compote of local producers, cakes, yogurt, hot drink (tea, coffee or chocolate), orange juice. 
> Option Weekend 
Friday 4:00 p.m. to Sunday 10:00 a.m., "La Grangette" is reserved for you. 
> Option Seminar 
Sleeping capacity reduced to 5 twin rooms. 
From Monday 4 :00 p.m. to Friday 10:00 am, "La Grangette" is reserved for you. 
Service “B&B" included. 
> Other options or longer stay, please contact us. 

For all options, you can leave your luggage from 12:00 a.m. to enjoy your day in the region or even at the swimming pool, thank you notify us in advance.  
We also ask you to inform us if you can not meet the schedule, whether for early arrival or late. 
> Additional Services (on request) 
> Meals and receptions 
At your request we can organize breakfast, lunch, dinner party, seminar dinner with our catering partners and service providers. 
> Car Rental 
For those coming by train or air we can arrange a rental car at the station of your choice.